8 Sept 2020

Tiny Architecture On Urban Pavements

Tiny architecture that will make your journey to and from work, a special one.

This is the work of anonymous Swedish Artists called AnonyMouse. The following is an extract of the interview given by one of the group to Bored Panda: "The idea to build small shops for mice originated in Paris in the spring of 2016, and the first installation—a nut shop and an Italian restaurant was installed in December of 2016 in the town of Malmö, in southern Sweden".

The locations seem to be the alcoves formed by the old windows/vents of basements, that have now been blocked off.

When AnonyMouse do one of their shop or home installations, they really go all out on the detailing: from lighting, designing LP records, to musical instrument for the record shop, for example.

I have also included a video that gives a better feel for the size and the context of their placement.

A concept that was created for the fun of it and the hoped joy it would bring to others.

Fantasy little shops that populate at after sundown, with all sorts of magical little creatures, that go about their business in the stillness of the night.

Tiny Architecture

Barber Shop.
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Barber Shop at night.
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Restaurant with a special security guard.
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Apothecary at night.
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Apothecary bottles and potions.
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Record Shop.
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Record Shop Musical instruments.
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Record Shop LP 1.
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Record Shop LP 2.
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Record Shop LP 3.
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Vintage Shop.
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Coffee Shop with a special client.
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Coffee Shop.
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Residential Accommodation.  This is where they live...
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  1. I hate mice! But, if they lived like this it would be ok. :) These little places are adorable! I really like things like this. Sparks the imagination! I sure hope they do not get distroyed by people who do not appreciate the work that goes into them. The booknooks that are showing up are sweet too. I happen to have created a couple in my library. People are enchanted to find them unexpectedly in between the books!

    1. The thing I like most is the reason why created them; spend some time with each other and build something for others to enjoy as well.
      Great idea with the booknooks; bringing art and wonder to every day places, somewhere you pass regularly, really does have an uplifting effect on people.

      Have a great Tuesday. 🌿️🌺️🌿️


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