13 Oct 2020

Colorful Architectural Drawings

A job/hobby that brings this artist a lot of satisfaction.
Artist Mayad Allos describes how his day job involves running a group of property companies. One of his duties is to produce concept drawings and sketches for clients.

As he got into the process and enjoying it so much, he started to pursue it as a hobby as well. Now his evenings and weekends are dedicated to recreating beautifully designed architectural buildings.

Allos has now gathered a following, which has allowed him to start selling prints of his drawings and taking commissions from fans of his work.

In most of his drawings, the architecture is in black and white, with the color is provided by the flowers and plants that create a perfect contrast in his work.

Have a look below and see if you can imagine yourself living in one or more, of these magnificent houses or buildings.
Chelsea, London Mews house.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
Chelsea, London - Wisteria.
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Chelsea, London Maple Acer Tree.
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Chelsea, London Street Lamps.
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Chelsea, London flower window box.
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Paulton Square, Chelsea London.
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Chelsea, London Outdoor Eating.
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Chelsea, London Table and chairs.
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Cobham, Surrey.
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Crestet, south of France.
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Kynance Mews London.
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Notting Hill London - Magnolia tree.
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Coaraze - Côte d’Azur.
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