14 Oct 2020

Illustrations of Cute Creatures

An infusion of cuteness and sweetness, in fantasy drawings.
Russian artist Tatyana Romanova "Creator of images of happiness for all".

They definitely bring a smile to your face. Reminding us of the fairy tales that we used to sit around listening to. The times when we were completely absorbed in the moment; imagining the stories read to us, letting them in play in our heads as the adventures unfolded.

An influence of Halloween has pride of place in this post, given the time of year. Lovely and tender/funny creatures in situations that these illustrations eloquently convey, without the use of words. Just in case, there are some titles at hand.
Magic pumpkin and joyful mouse.
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Hedgehog dreamer and patchwork quilt.
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The hedgehog traveller.
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Time for the little mouse artist to go to sleep.
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Bumblebee and golden honey treasure.
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Teamwork to make jam.
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Pumpkin pie. Someone, has already started eating!!!
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Alice in Wonderland and Queen of Hearts.
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Little flying squirrel having tea.
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The mouse family and their furry friend.
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The little cosy pumpkin bed.
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