20 Oct 2020

Fantasy Creatures Ballpoint Pen Drawings

Fantasy and sometimes almost abstract scenes of creatures in their environment.
An artist that gives very little away of themselves. The only thing is I was able to find was the Instagram handle, Pepita Pouetpouet

Ballpoint Pen drawings that seem to be describing unique tribes of creatures. There is no indication whether they live on our planet, or populate others in far away solar systems or galaxies.

What I like about them is the subject of the image is not immediately obvious; you have to look at the details and the characters in it, to teas out a possible story.

Some of them are right on the knife edge, you can definitely switch form a darker view to a fun loving one. As life in general, it's all a matter of perspective.

You will get an idea of what my guess is, by the titles I have given them.
The start of an adventure to bring the egg to safety.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
Getting a lift to the other side of the pond.
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Saving your little egg friend, from becoming lunch.
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Drawings to illustrate a way of life.
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The story is read as the main character is enacted by a friend.
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Taking in the sights whist formulating a cunning plan.
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The secret hideout at the edge of the forest.
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Ethereal creatures from a different dimension.
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Alien worlds and creatures full of mystery.
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Brought the egg back to where it belongs and off again on to another wonderful adventure.
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