19 Oct 2020

Surrealism in Digital Art Paintings

Images brimming with symbolism and different interpretations.
French Psychologist Cyril Rolando has been featured here on DesignStack, for many years now. Digital Art is his chosen medium and the one with which he expresses his thoughts, hopes and dreams.

In the images below, there is a mix of different subjects: some based in reality, some based in fantasy. They all have in common a scene that the artist has given a title to, therefore a hint to a meaning to him.
That said, like all art it is not fixed and strict; art is about what you make of it, what that piece reminds you of and what speaks as much to your ears, as it does to your eyes.

In that spirit, I have given them some titles. As always when I do it, it's not to say I like mine better, but rather it's one of the many different interpretations I see in them.

Lovely art, which will transport you on a journey of imagination, if you allow it to. Relax and let the imagery play directly into your mind.
The search for balance.
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A fairy tale in the warmth of the forest.
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Building up to becoming a wise owl and piano player.
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A piano piece to play homage to the sounds of nature.
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The spirit of nature, just follow her guide...
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Too much homework and sleep envelops you in a soothing and relaxing embrace.
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A beacon to steer you out of the tough times. It's there, you just have to find it.
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Preparing for the show of a lifetime.
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The secret to communicating is...
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Dance recital in the violin.
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A train trip to whichever fantasy world you want.
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