2 Nov 2020

Digital Art Magic Trick

Digital art reshapes reality to make it into fantasy.
Umut Recber produces these digital collages using components based in our reality; things that we recognise and are familiar with.
He then shuffles the images the way a magician shuffles a deck of cards to produce magic.

A photo that has still got all of the objects we are familiar with, but in a layout that makes it completely alien to our brain and everything we know to be the right way up.  

If all of the components are real and realistic, so should the result of rearranging them.  That is not so though and therein lies the beauty for me.

I gave the images some titles and I love the combination of the two on the first photo.  I think that a lot of people will be able to relate. 😃️

For more of Recber's work here on DesignStack, press this LINK.
Moving Home. Sometimes it feels like this would be the least painful way.
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The flying ship; waiting to sail to beyond the limits of your imagination.
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Clouds a comfortable place to sunbathe.
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A bear storm is coming.
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Turtle cove.
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Trying to fit in.
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A peaceful swim with a friend.
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Snake island; with advance sent detection alarm system.
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Worlds overlapping.
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A clear run on the ski slope.
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