27 Dec 2020

Dog Portrait Drawings with Smiles

A group of very happy dogs to welcome you into this Sunday morning.
Canadian Artist Dan Pietens created these lovely dog drawings.

A couple of the dogs are thinking about it, but by and large all the rest exited or have a great big smile on their faces.

You can't see them wagging their tails, but the faces really paint a picture of what they might be thinking. All this from a pencil and a lot of talent.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.

A smile is vastly underestimated for the powers it actually possesses. Think about a genuine warm smile form a person that you know or don't. The way it makes you feel, the way you look at things straight after that, while the effects still lasts.

At the time when the word infection is something that brings a cold shiver down your spine, an infectious smile, is one that has no negative connotations. You experience just the very best sensation; the colors look brighter around and as if by magic that smile has now transferred to your face, ready for you to pass it on to someone else. As this happens, their face lights up in response and that precious elixir in you gets topped up again.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, enjoy your Sunday and the coming week. I will see everybody first thing tomorrow. (First thing for me anyway.)

Take care.
Patiently waiting to go for a walk.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
Happy to see you.
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A loving look.
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Tiered of really fed up 😃️.
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Is my owner home?
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Doing really well at obedience class.
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I am being a good boy. Is dinner ready?
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Fur like a fluffy cloud.
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A nice relaxed smile.
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