26 Dec 2020

Mixture of Drawing Medium Portraits

Examples of different styles of portrait drawings all from one artist.
That Artist is Singaporean David Chong. He is Self-taught and creates art as a hobby.

Below we have examples of ballpoint pen, pencil, chalk drawings. Then a watecolor painting and a digital art one.

If this page was to be compared to a restaurant, it would be a buffet. You can pick and choose anything from the rows of food platters. You can have them all on one plate and savour the different tastes, as you sample each one of them.

Enjoy your start to the weekend and your feast.
Ballpoint pen drawing.
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Ballpoint Pen drawing of Chadwick Boseman.
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Pencil and chalk drawing of Mila Kunis.
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Pencil sketch of Chinese actress Dilireba with white chalk for highlights.
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Watercolor painting of Chinese actress 迪丽热巴.
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IPad portrait using procreate app.
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Pencil Drawing - The Queen's Gambit - Anya Taylor-Joy.
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Pencil drawing - Resting after a long day.
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Pencil drawing - Wishing for it to come true.
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Pencil drawing of photo by @nicholas.fols.
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Pencil drawing of my daughter.
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Pencil drawing of @sakura_kirsch.
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