5 Dec 2020

Drawings of Levitating Architecture

Hanging land in mid-air, waiting for you to make them your own.
French Artist Elips seems to have a real love for these suspended structures. Each one with its own feature or features.

I think that it was the movie Avatar and the world of Pandora, with all of its floating mountains and waterfalls, that has made this subject so popular amongst artists.

Different architectural styles are explored including: Japanese houses and temples, Egyptian pyramids and a kind of medieval timber village. There is more of course, but these are the highlights.

When architects draw master plans, they always cluster buildings together. It makes it efficient to run services to and from the structure and the more they fit on a plot of land, the more the cost of it comes down per unit.

I went through all that to say that the way cities are built are not necessarily the manner we dream of living. What drawings like these do, is to highlight the part of the population that would rather have their own space; make as much or as little noise as they want without problems with the neighbours.

Small little islands with every commodity you have ever imagined pampering yourself with; shaping it to become your perfect retreat. A place where you are the only one that decides how things are done.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
Story time.
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02-A private encounter-Elips-www-designstack-co
A private encounter.
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Japanese style Architecture.
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Medieval timber village.
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Pyramid construction.
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A quiet afternoon on the swing.
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A tiny ocean.
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A water feature world.
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Open air office.
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A place to meditate and exercise.
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Tiny home, a moon bridge and garden.
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