2 Jan 2021

Urban Architectural Drawings

Mysterious places somewhere in an urban setting.
Graphic Arts graduate Christine Deschamps, now works as a graphic designer, illustrator and concept artist.

I really like her drawings, detailing, the colors she uses and the color of the background. All these factors help bring together an architectural scene that really works.

Most of the images have no people in it. Allowing us the viewer, free range to imagine what ever we want. What kind of people that populate this town? What they do for fun and work? What are the buildings we are seeing and what they are used for?

The other two can be categorised as food art. Focused in the preparation of food and one of them the consumption of it. Here the potential for imagination is narrowed a little, but there is still a lot of daydreaming to be had. Who are these characters? Are they at the beginning or the end of their day? Are the people sitting at the restaurant friends or strangers? And so on...

Art is more that the image in front of you, but rather a story you haven't told yourself yet.
Sharing a meal at a street restaurant.
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Beautiful alley and quaint shops.
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Preparing food for the rush hour.
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The river and the stone bridge.
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The bicycle waiting for the owner to return.
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Steps to a traditional building.
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Timber double door entrance.
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The entrance to a fantasy filled castle.
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