11 Feb 2021

Drawings of Architectural Journeys

Welcome to the travel section.
With mass travelling a thing of the past for now, posts like these remind us of the beautiful countries we live in and the ones that populate the rest of the world.

Places to keep in mind, for when we get a handle on things.

This little trip is possible thanks to the architectural drawings of Australian Artist Mark Poulier. Different cities and architecture, some more famous and other, more quaint and subtle.

No need for passports or a mask, this trip is covid free. Get a warm drink and transport yourself into the various locations. Spend as much time as you like in each and feel free to take some mental pictures of anything you want.

For more of Poulier's work here on DesignStack, press this LINK.
A town with a dome.
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Seaside town.
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Houses doodles.
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Italian Gothic Orvieto and Siena.
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Tightly packed town.
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St. Paul’s.
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Valar Morghulis.
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Colosseum Rome.
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Big Ben Iphone.
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mini micro Mont S. Michel.
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Church in Rome.
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Hillside town in Italy.
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Pisa perspectives.
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  1. Anonymous12/12/2022

    Please post videos of how some of these drawings are made - step by step. It will help people like me to learn. Thank you

    1. Hi we are a blog site we feature artists around the world.
      The artist that created these drawings is Mark Poulier. If you press his name at the top of the page, it will take you to his Instagram page where you can ask him directly.

      We publish new art every day of the year. You can follow us at:


      I hope you have a wonderful Monday. 🍃️🌺️🍃️ DS


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