8 Apr 2021

Stippling Drawings full of Symbols

Drawings that lend themselves to very many interpretations through symbolism.

Artist and illustrator Dejvid Knezevic has a wonderful way of describing his work: "Stories in illustrations. Illustrations in dots." Concise and straight to the point with a minimalist elegance about the words.

I have given these drawings some titles; they are so expressive and hold so much meaning, when you delve into them a little deeper.

The style used to draw these pieces is called stippling. For the people new to DesignStack, or to this style: It's the use of ink dots to create an image. Light and dark are set as a result of the concentration of the dots.

If you look at the drawing named The Gears, you can see the stats and the mind boggling numbers that accompany a piece like this. Many different aspects to explore and appreciate; I will now leave you to it...
Rushing to be on time.
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Amazing architecture and a paper boat.
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The gears by D. Knezevic "800 hours of work. 3 million dots (and probably more) I began working on this in August of 2017 and ended just before Christmas 2020."
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The elephants are coming.
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Beauty in reflections Narcissus thought so.
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Struggles of a heavy heart.
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Insecurities change us...
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Steampunk turtle.
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Some remain caged even when the the doors are opened and the bars come down.
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A complex game of chess.
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Overlooking the city.
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The owl returns home.
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Waiting for our lives to load...
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  1. fantasic work! i really like the subjects as well. different concepts from many recent similar ideas.
    makes them a step above.

    1. Very glad you see so much in these drawings.

      Enjoy the rest og your day. 🌿️🌺️🌿️


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