12 May 2021

Interior Design and Architecture Drawings

The title should really read: "Interior design and Architecture Drawings" + Paintings. But it was getting too long.

Ekaterina Vedernikova creates these ethereal drawings, all located in Saint Petersburg, in Russia.

The interior drawings are all depictions of the Pavlovsk Palace. The 18th century Russian Imperial residence.

Drawings with a subtle watercolor wash, which helps give the finish piece, that otherworldly look.

Architectural representations with a distinct personality and style for you to enjoy.

For more of Vedernikova's work here on DesignStack, press this LINK.
Saint Petersburg river embankment.
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Pavlovsk Palace, Ceiling details.
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Griboedov Canal, Mahilou Bridge.
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Pavlovsk Palace, banquet room.
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Saint Petersburg.
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Pavlovsk Palace, interior Master bedroom four poster bed.
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Saint Petersburg, St. Michael's Castle.
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Pavlovsk Palace, columns and glass chandelier.
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Saint Petersburg grand entrance.
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Pavlovsk Palace Staircase.
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Saint Petersburg, Gorokhe Admiralty Street.
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Pavlovsk Palace Park.
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