13 May 2021

Animals tell Stories in Illustrations

I had just as much fun picking the images for this post, as I did naming them.

Italian artist Andy Saputo has been living in the US since the age of 4. His work has very definitive fantasy and surreal trend flowing through it.

Most of these illustrations depict animals and that is another reason why I like his work so much.

Taking concepts that most people perceive and understand a certain way,  then turns them upside down. This gives our view of the world and the way we see it a jolt.

It makes us questions the things that we originally take for granted. It focuses our attention by requiring a more in-depth view, it gives also a greater appreciation for everything that surrounds our person.

See if my words make sense in the drawings below.

For more of Saputo's work here on DesignStack, press this LINK.
The raccoon's riveting story.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
A mouse gondola (of sorts).
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Hanging by the phone: This is where the saying comes from. : )
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The honey collectors The bee and the bee-rider.
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The notes taking shape.
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The idiom when pigs fly is not so definitive as you might first think...
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It's nice to see them fly in the sky as friends...
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An important conversation between friends.
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A fantasy adventure, just about to start.
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Surreal Japanese architecture and the mountain goat.
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