24 May 2021

Surreal Digital Art that Inspires

Digital art that stretches the boundaries and flexibility of what you are capable of dreaming.

Spanish artist Sergi Tugas plays with concepts like realism. On a one had, these images are put together so well, they do in fact look like real photos. That said, even though individual parts might represent reality, when put together, the image immediately morphs into a fantasy. A surreal adaptation of the reality we all know and are comfortable with.

Real is not always the best state of mind and fantasy is not always a bad place to be. Pick and choose your stay in ether dimension to suit your wants and needs.
Fantasy Architecture meets reality in Paris.
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How many clues do we miss, of the world around us. (Can you see it?)
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Simple games that teach us lessons...
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This is how a self-portrait is created.
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Brian, please let go of the moon.
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The moon, a great source of source of energy.
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Tearing the fabric of reality.
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This is where the idiom being "Hang out to dry" comes from : )
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Travelling though dimensions.
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When optical illusions become reality.
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