12 Jun 2021

The Animal Kingdom in Oil Paintings

Oil paintings showing the animals painted, in their best light.

Latvian artist now living in the UK Eve Sundown comes from a family of artists. She started painting at a young age and look at the result now.

I am including an excerpt from her website: "After finishing high-school Ieva joined Art Academy of Latvia to study oil painting restoration, where she took part in the restoration of Latvian art museum where she did monumental painting. In the meantime, she interned at an oil painting restoration workshop."

Gorgeous animals made even more so, when shown at this scale and level of detailing. A beautiful way of enjoying the animal kingdom and the wildlife that share this planet with us.
Robin redbreast singing it's heart out.
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Burrowing owl.
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Painting the barn owl under the tutelage of the expert.
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Love the eyes on this wolf.
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Wideeyed hare.
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Kinfisher preening.
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The Ox.
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Little bird friends having a chat.
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Bunnies watching out for each other.
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Red fox.
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