4 Jan 2022

Dark Digital Art - Oil Painting - Charcoal Drawing

Digital sketches, one oil painting and one charcoal drawing.

Artist Corran Brownlee has had a "twenty year career in film and television drawing storyboards, designing concept images and visual effects, directing, editing, even script writing and composing music."

In the title I mention "Dark". I don't mean sinister/evil, but rather not light. They look like they are set at night. Some of the details are clear, whilst other are just hinted at. This is perfect from the viewer's perspective. As we get to imagine what is going on. As it were, fill in the blanks, quite literally. (I wrote this before reading his bio and found many similarities in the description of his wok, but from the point of view of the artist.)

I have included Brownlee's titles of the pieces. Have a look and see what his work suggests to your imagination and what you see emerge from the obscured parts.
Grass fire.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
See Through. What do you do if you are in the car?
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Making friends.
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Margent Farm.
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The Wave - Oil Painting.  (do you see all the people?)
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Runaways - Charcoal drawing.
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Leaving the phone at home.
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Never Give Up.
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Home Again.
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