3 Jan 2022

Photoshop Fantasy Digital Drawings

Amazing scenes and scenery, created in Photoshop art.

Digital Artist Devin Elle Kurtz is the imagination and skill, behind these fantastic illustrations.

Animals seem to play an important part in telling the story in her art. I picked many of the water related ones.

Outstanding fantasies of being immersed into the ocean, being able to see nature and marine life swimming by. A very different view to what we are used to, when looking outside our windows.

A New Year and week; what better way to start them, than creating a cosy area in our brain and nestle comfortably into it. Enjoy Kurtz's work.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
Working in the library - conservatory.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
The best bedroom ever.
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The hungry dragon outside the bakery.
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A view of marine life.
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Nighttime in the deep ocean.
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Art and nature a great combination.
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Your dog on a water ride.
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Releasing the fire goldfish.
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Painting Marine life going past.
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The wolf pack is back...
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Reading and materialising your imagination.
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