8 Mar 2022

Fineliner Ink Architecture Drawings

Super detailed ink fineliner architectural drawings.

This artist doesn't say much about himself, except for his name: Stephane le Lagadec.

A part from the 2 Venice drawings, you will find locations that we are not used to seeing. Not really on the travellers or tourists most well known spots.

Images of little towns, streets and roads, all captured and depicted by this talented artist.

Even though there is a lot of detailing collected in each illustration, they are not realistic drawings. They have a beautiful sketch like feel to them, even though they are more complex than one.

The rustic feel of the style and the off white, cream paper go amazingly well together, to bring this view of architecture with a softer and informal look.

I could carry on telling you how much I like these drawings, but I will let you get on with admiring them yourself. Enjoy...
Château de Ségure, commune of Arreau.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
The port of St Goustan, Morbihan.
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Venice - Gondola and architecture.
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Venice - The pier and architecture.
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Street in Savennière, maine et Loire commune near Angers.
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Street in Siena Italy.
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Street Lavoirs in St Pol de Léon.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
Bristol, England.
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Commune of Arreau in the Hautes-Pyrénnées.
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A simple portal in a dead end.
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View of Roscoff Brittany.
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