24 Apr 2022

Ink Portraits Steeped in Symbolism

Ink portraits that inspire thought...

Doriana Popa has a particular way of drawing which extends to the meaning of her art.

I am sure there is more than one way of interpreting her illustrations. The titles below, is mine.  Fantasy mixes with surrealism and a pinch of a secret ingredient, that brigns them together...

Wonderfully crafted and fascinating art, which allows you to explore your feelings and expand your imagination at the same time.

I know that to think, is to create work, which might not seem to go with a Sunday post. That said, once you are on the other side and after a small push by your mind, the boat is going to be set free from the shore and your imagination will smoothly navigate you like the gentlest of currents on a river...

What ever you are doing today, enjoy it.

For more of Popa's work here on DesignStack, press this LINK.
Leo - Sign of the zodiac.
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Contemplating life and rebirth.
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The finality of time.
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Don't lose yourself.
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A bond with nature.
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Feeling life and time in a different way.
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Thoughts of travel.
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Patiently rearranging the crowd.
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Enjoying the fragrances of nature.
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When you find that person you are in sync with.
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