25 Apr 2022

Photoshop Digital Art Architecture

Island worlds, brought to life with Photoshop digital art.

Indonesian Artist Ade Maolana come up with these island worlds. They are presented to us so that we can choose the one or the ones we want our imagination to visit.

Tiny self-sufficient architecture, which comes with a house, a little land and in most cases a body of water.

I just went through all of the illustrations again, to see which one I prefer and would love to spend some time living in.

The answer is, all of them. The only way to proceed would be: Set up a rotation system and then make further decisions based on the experience that every house brings.

Different climates, bodies of water and outer world experiences, await you in the images and tiny worlds below. Have fun visiting them all.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
Traditional windmill.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
Winter chalet on the lake.
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Fishing in the farmhouse.
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A shed with ocean views.
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Tiny house on the sea.
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A busy world.
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Hotel resort next to the river.
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Space island world.
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Traditional architecture island.
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Exploring your front garden with a boat.
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