8 Aug 2022

Students' Architectural Urban Drawings

A collection of architecture pencil drawings by an array of student artists.

Polish site teaching how to draw , which goes by the name Domin. They seem to specialise in architectural drawings, in urban settings. They share their own drawings and the ones of their students. You will be able to see this, below the images.

Each one of their entry had a writeup that had to be translated. In them advise from the lecturer, with encouragement and motivational thoughts.

A great collection of drawings from different people and architectural designs.
St. Mark's Square - Venice Italy by Beata Momot.
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House in the snow.
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Gaudi, Barcelona, Spain - Sagrada Familia or the Park and The Güell Palace - by Zuzi Bednarskiej.
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Columns architectural details.
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Castle in Liwa.
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Impressive building design by Paweł Swacha.
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A row of houses by Kazimierz Dolny.
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Classic architecture.
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In the middle of town.
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A walk in the city by Agnieszka Panasiuk.
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