17 Aug 2022

The Universe in Black and White Drawings

Fantastic black and white drawings full of symbolism.

It's not an exaggeration to say that Artist SeyeeArt creates out of this world illustrations.

Even though I have given these titles, they can be open to many more interpretations.

It's interesting how art which is so minimalist in its execution, can stir so many thoughts in  the imagination.

An opportunity to flex our brain in seeing the expanse around us in a different way... Where is you mind likely to take you?...
Floating in different mediums.
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A piece of a larger puzzle.
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Getting to grips with a self portrait.
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The joy of the moment transporting you to a different world.
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The world finding it's level and balance.
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A teapot portal to another dimension.
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At one with the cosmos.
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Music, the language of the universe.
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Relax and go with the flow.
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Shoot for the stars settle for the moon.
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