2 Oct 2022

Many Fantasy Ink Drawings

A post that starts with a welcome to October and ends with a manifestation of an odour.

Poppy Mili has a very varied collection of illustrations on her social media page. The following is a thought expressed on it: "My tender sweet nothings..."

I get the idea that she uses the site as an infinite journal. A place where she can store each and every thought she has transposed to paper. An area that is never going to fill up and that is always going to preserve/keep a record her illustrated musings.

She is currently at 649 images. As you can see, only a tiny fraction is represented here. I have chosen a mixture of the ones I like the most. I hope you agree with my decisions and that you have a great time scrolling through them.

I like them all but, if I had no choice but to choose a favourite, I would go for the drawing I called: "Contour lines portrait". There is feeling almost hypnotic and very soothing at the same time, as you start following the lines across the face.  (Enlarge it to see it.)

Have a wonderful Sunday. I will see you tomorrow.
Hello October.
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Beetlejuice - Lydia - Winona Ryder.
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The tree of life.
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Elephant decorations WIP.
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Origami crane.
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All seeing eye.
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Contour lines portrait.
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Surreal whale.
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The swan and the castle.
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Flower perfumes.
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