20 Nov 2022

Dreamlike Black Cat Potion Drawings

Fantasy filled post with a black cat or cats at the centre.

Sara Szewczyk is the artist that created these little pockets of magical reality and turned them into drawings. Some of them seem to have been painted aswell as drawn, but not absolutely sure.

In many cultures, the black cat is associated with misfortune and a host of bad omens. I love them as they look like miniature panthers. As well as her art, I love Szewczyk's attitude towards these cute felines. Her social media page is filled with illustrations of them.

Szewczyk makes most of the scenes into some kind of potion. The tag on the bottle and the images of the cats give a hint at what the different glass jars, bottles, etc. contain.

A joyful fantastic post to warms you heart and give it a lightness which I hope will make your Sunday a special one. Have a great day wherever you are and whatever you are doing.
Kindness potion - Cat and Axolotl.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
Hope potion - Cat and flowers.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
Good luck potion - Cats and flowers.
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Nature scene - Cat and mushrooms.
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Magical potion - Cat fireflies and crystals.
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Stylish potion - Cat mushrooms and flowers.
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Distilling essences- Cat on one side and the Axolotl on the other.
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Enchanted nature - Cat and magical flowers.
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Happiness potion - Many black cats.
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Midnight purr - Cats an Axolotl in the moonlight.
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Safe bubble - Cats playing.
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Faceted terrarium - Black cat in sunset.
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Mischief potion - Magical creatures.
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