25 Dec 2022

Doodling to Help with Anxiety

Doodling as a way of helping yourself.

Artist Saba Islam found that creating art helped with her anxiety attacks. "Then, whenever I was having an attack again, I started to draw. I drew what I feared and what gave me relief. I drew myself helping me!"

Art in all of it's forms, has a fantastic way of removing you from the world. Taking you into one where its only you and what you are creating. I refer to art as a vehicle, but you can use any activity which absorbs you completely into a pinpoint focus.

Some the illustrations might look a little dark at first. When viewed as a whole though, it really carries a sense of empowerment. Having the problems and the lows, but fighting back to regain control.

Islam doesn't give her drawings titles, so I have gave them some. This is what I see when I look at them and after having heard Islam's story.  I am trying to tell a story when viewed as a set. I am sure these drawings are very personal to her and I hope she doesn't mind.
Moments of calm and serenity.
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Keeping your head above water.
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Separated from your best friend.
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Feeling safe in an embrace.
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Finding ways to cope with a persistent problem.
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Imagining yourself in another world.
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It feels like it could spread out of you like a river.
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Looking into the darkness.
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Feeling trapped with no way out.
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Breaking out of your jail.
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Finding your power.
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