17 Dec 2022

Ink Drawings with a pinch of Surrealism

Ink drawings with a subtle magical sprinkle of surrealism.

Russian Artist Elena Limkina now lives and works in Germany. This is an extract from her site: "She specializes in printmaking, watercolor, ink illustrations and jewelry sketches."

There is so much I like about Limkina's work: Her black and white settings. The style of her illustrations and presentation. The vintage look and feel of the art. Helped in no small manner by the use of gorgeous and precise calligraphy. Her use of animals and casts specifically. And those fantasy/surreal hints you get at every turn.

I put all of my likes in bullet form, as it would take too long to go though each one of them. There is so much more that can be said about a style that encompasses many different aspects. Like turning a cut diamond. As you do so, the light shines on a different face...

Ps. I gave the images some titles.

For more of Limkina's work here on DesignStack, press this LINK.
Deer, raven and cats.
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Cats and deer.
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The chess game.
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Cats and flowers.
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A human with cats and a parrot.
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A wing tutorial.
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Cats and birds.
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Cats and DNA.
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Barn owl and thorns.
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Knitting with thread.
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