18 Dec 2022

Intertwined Oil Painting Portraits

Oil paintings with something special about them.

British artist Glenn Brown has a very personal way of illustrating portraits. His works almost look like ribbons of paint carefully placed to create a likeness.

He is not going for a realistic or semi realistic look. Never the less, you can definitely describe them as people. It's only when you look at them up close, that you can tell they don't present as your average person.

As I said above, there are details missing from what we might refer as photos realistic, and there are more details than we would find on the common portrait. Some times more that one person sharing the same space.

I don't find strange interesting for its own sake. There has to be more to it than just uncommon properties. There is a very fine line which separates very good strange and weird. This, is definitely in the first camp for me.

The titles of the pieces are Brown's, as are the fascinating paintings below.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
Myths of the Near Future.
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And Thus We Existed.
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The Naked Eye.
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Dirty Creamer.
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Lactate (Midwinter).
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Nocturnal Children.
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We’ll Keep On Dancing Till We Pay the Rent.
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