18 Jan 2023

Ballpoint Pen Drawings and Surrealism


Ballpoint pen drawings, with a touch of surrealism.

Spanish artist Nuria Riaza has a lovely way of describing her work and process. Paraphrasing, would only take away from the way she writes:

"I can talk about anything using a pen and paper as a means of expression, setting my own rules, always changing. I draw with a pen because then I learn to accept that error is part of any process. The thread is usually present in most of my drawings, functioning as a link that unites us to our roots and traditions."

There is so much to like about Riaza's art. From the beautiful execution, to the layered concepts open to many different interpretations. I have added some on my thoughts to the drawings below in the form of titles and I hope she doesn't mind.

Some are simple general titles, which can take you in many different directions, from their starting point. Others are more specific.

Then there is the addition of the cross stitching, which is added to the drawings to complement the composition and the meaning of the scene.

As I said, a lot to unpack with this talented artist's work. Have fun going through them.

Broken but not lost.
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At my centre.
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Little black cat.
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A pipe and a touch of magic.
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Ever deeper.
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Portrait and cross stitching.
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Pieces of a whole.
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Hiding from view.
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Power lines.
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Like pieces of a puzzle.
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