12 Feb 2023

Birds and Insect Upcycled Sculptures

Transforming cutlery into bird and insect sculptures.

American Artist Matt Wilson uses recycled and organic materials like: Scrap metal, reclaimed wood, bone, etc. To upcycle them into animal representations.

Birds and insects, form the two main stars of this post. If you have a problem with insects, this might not be the post for you. I say that, because they are interlaced with the birds all the way down the page.

Nice variety of species and their instantly recognisable form give these pieces, a high likeable factor. There are variations in detailing as well.  From more complicated and elaborate ones, to simpler but no less adorable critters. I just want to make one thing clear: When I say simpler, I mean by Wilson's standards. To me the very simple ones would be a near impossible feat to achieve. : )

Have a great time on this page and our site. Plus, make the best of any free time you have today. i will see you tomorrow.
Sweet little owl.
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Bird ready to take flight.
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Honey bee.
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Beetle's wings.
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Bird with a worm.
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Praying Mantis.
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Cutlery bird.
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Zebco Widow Spider.
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