9 Feb 2023

Stained Glass Cabin in Nature

Stained glass window paintings, in a lovely cosy cabin.

American Artist Neile Cooper is a jewellery designer/maker, as well a producing these amazing paintings on glass.

Now to the colourful cabin in this post. It is a structure erected in Cooper's backyard. The picture I put above is of a misty day. Giving it a sort of magical mysterious look. That said, it's during a sunny day that the shapes and colors come alive within the structure. A beautiful melding of hues and shapes. They mix, match and overlap, to give an evolving show. It moves hand in hand with the sun throughout the entire day.

It comes together with panels from repurposed window frames. Five of the six walls are filled with them. Giving the building maximum light and a delightful technicolor feel.

The panels depict images of birds, flowers, butterflies, plants and so much more.  The imagery, also finds it way into her jewellery design.

A joining of art and architecture. They share centre stage, bringing out the best qualities out of each other.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
Misty foggy day.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
A wall of panels.
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The outside.
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Green leaf plant.
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Flowers and crystals 1.
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Flowers and crystals 2.
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Large Butterfly.
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Lights at night.
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Eagle owl and more birds.
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