27 Feb 2023

Stippling Animals and Architecture

Stippling drawings of animals and architecture.

Syrian Artist Eisa Baddour is now living and working in Milan Italy.

Baddour produces a link between the planet: Represented by the animals and humans: Represented by our architecture. It explores the impact we are having on the environment around us. Famous building of that nation is linked to the animals usually associated with them.

There are many ways to appreciate art: You can take a wide-angle view of it. Appreciating art together with all of the social, political and economical implications. On the other hand, you can go for a more focused take, just appreciating the piece/s.

Even though artists create art to mean something, to highlight an aspect of life. Sometimes we just need a break and enjoy art for art's sake. I say this, because I see people some times dismiss art because they don't like or don't want to think of the underlying message. I understand that, but you are still left with interesting illustration you can appreciate at face value, without having to delve into anything else.

A strong point, maybe too serious for a Monday, but then you can dismiss all of that and focus on enjoying the drawings.

Ps. I couldn't find a site for Eisa Baddour, so I linked it back to the Bored Panda post I found it on.
Vicuña, Peru.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
Elephant, India.
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Swan, Denmark.
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Camel, Egypt.
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Eagle, USA.
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Bear, Russia.
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Bull, Spain.
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Kangaroo, Australia.
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Koi Fish, Japan.
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Panda, China.
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Rooster, France.
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