7 Feb 2023

Surfboard Lifestyle in Paintings

Surfboard lifestyle explored in paintings.

Welsh artist Claire Marie has now moved to Western Australia, where she lives and is working as a full-time artist.

The boards she works on were destined for a landfill. Once the paint is sealed, it gives them a second upcycled life as a piece of art.  One with a very different canvas.

It's not only surfboard lifestyle, but also a connection to the sea and ocean. As you can see, it all revolves around that, in the activities which take place below.

I you are in the middle of winter, I am sure you will be looking at these paintings with a different view.  Admiration of course and an extra hint of envy for the weather and the beautiful scenery illustrated within them.

I can imagine myself on one of those sunny beaches right now...

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
Artist at work.
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Surfing with the town in the background.
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Dog enjoying the view.
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A turtle amongst coral.
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The seagull with a wave background.
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The turtle with the beach behind.
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The Cityscape.
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The lifeguard's hut.
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A tight barrel.
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The spirit of the ocean.
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