12 Mar 2023

Lines of Thread to Draw Embroidery

Beautiful landscapes drawn with the use of thread.

Jessa Spencer started off as a painter. She has now moved to embroidery and the imagery captured in these little round spaces.

Her work is characterised by colour and intensity. There are daylight, sunsets and early night representations. The hues she uses are striking, adding drama to many of the scenes.

The majority of the imagery depict flowers contrasted with complex colour formations of the sky. That said, there is one example of sea and waves.

The pictures which stand out the most for me are: The fist and second. One light and one dark, picking up the best qualities of both of these lighting options.

A dreamlike execution, which will go splendidly with a relaxing Sunday. I hope you get the most out of the art and your day.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
Sunset view.
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The tulips and the clouds.
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The tulips and the sunset.
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A field of poppies.
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The sea and the waves.
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Flowers and shades of purple.
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A sea of flowers.
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Yellow daffodil.
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Flowers and dark blue sky.
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Flowers and the coming night.
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