13 Mar 2023

Modern and Classical Architectural Pencil Drawings

Architectural drawings. Mostly classical with one modern building.

Katarzyna Kmiecik is a Polish teacher and artist, whom takes commissions. She studied Architecture at the University of Technology in Warsaw. "In 2012 I founded an Art School (KRESKA) in Poland, where I'm teaching teenagers and young adults how to draw so they can study Architecture in the future (Entrance exams for the faculty of Architecture are very hard here in Poland!)."

Amazingly detailed pencil drawings, showoff her skills and highlight the beauty of architecture. Precise and clean linework exalt all of the minute details these classic buildings wear so well. Even after decades and centuries, since they first slipped them on.

A great way to start the week, with a visit to the past and present. An excellent and very capable artist, here to show us the way and sights...
San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane in Rome.
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Maria vom Siege in Vienna.
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The Golden Temple of Amritsar.
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View of Malta.
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Prague Skyline.
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Mosque in Algiers.
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Random day in April.
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Polish Mansion.
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Modern Concept House.
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Roman Aqueduct.
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