5 Mar 2023

Pyrography Drawings Portraits with fire

Pyrography: A form of art on wood, which uses flames to draw.

Alex Peter Idoko, a Nigerian artist from Lagos. I have this medium before but not the kind of variation of finish that Idoko is able to achieve.

His art depicts the struggle and hardship of his people. There are many more drawings on his site and I would invite you to go and have a look at them, if you have the chance.

The other thing that really impresses, is the scale of the drawings. You can gather that, from some of the images he is a part of. I would love to see his method and the tricks he implements to achieve the results he gets.

The method I have seen most often adopted, is something which looks like a soldering iron. The metal tip of the instrument is heated and that burns the wood or sometimes leather below it. I have seen the effect achieved with magnifying lens. The sun is focused to a pinpoint on the wood that is then scorched and marked. This is the fist time I have seen it done with an open flame and really wish there were a video to see how it's done.

Beautiful art and deeply meaningful to end the week and invite a deserved restful day for the people that can do so. For the rest, hang on, your day is coming. Enjoy these 24 hours whatever you are doing wherever you are. I will see you bright and early tomorrow in a brand-new week.
Twist of Fate.
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Unshackled Pause.
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Broken Pioneer.
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Deep calls to the Deep II: way out.
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Lost in Yesterday.
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Princess of Toro: Essence.
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Deep calls to the Deep.
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Beneath the calm.
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