26 Mar 2023

Realistic Portraits Tattoo Drawing

Realistic black and white tattoos which look more like a photo than a drawing.

Inal Bersekov is a tattoo artist whom has reached the top of excellence in his field.

In today's post we are showcasing just a few of his works. These include: Movies, actors, sportsmen, singers and animals.

I love the level of contrast in drawings. The are so dark still, they allow for crystal clarity in every detail, without loss in any of the elements. Remember, just a couple of slipups of the hand would entirely ruin the effect. Plus no chance to "UNDO" so, what goes on the skin stays there.

There is so much to be impressed by this art. Added to that, he is drawing on such an uneven surface as is the human skin. Further more, the movement and fidgeting of the client.  It really is a difficult craft.

It's a real shame this form of art doesn't see a universal acclaim like drawings on paper and paintings on canvas. Even if very slowly, It is moving in that direction. Hopefully, it will reach parity soon.
John Travolta and Uma Thurman - Pulp Fiction.
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Marlon Brando - The Godfather.
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Luke Skywalker Mark Hamill and Yoda - Star Wars.
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The Xenomorph - Aliens.
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Gorilla picture frame.
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Dog Portrait.
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Japanese House.
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Muhammad Ali.
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Mike Tyson.
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Snoop Dogg.
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Michael J. Fox - Back to the Future.
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