5 May 2023

Animals and Humans In Surreal Ink Drawings

Humans and animals, share adventures in this world deep in surrealism.

Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Pyrography Artist Shelby LePage wears many hats. For today's post we are going to look at her ink drawings.

The illustrations showcase a magical world full of wonder. Every image shows a different aspect of this. Amongst all of the protagonists on this page, one celebrity. The one and only " Niffler", admiring transfixed, a large bottle of glitter.

There are many sweet picture, but the one that exudes the best qualities of the word is the bath of the water dragon. The way the child is performing the duty of bathing it, with a very large smile on her face. The look on the dragon's face, suggests it is enjoying it as well.

The other drawing I really like is the first image. The child stands still and in silence not to startle the butterfly, allowing him to admire the beautiful insect at close quarters.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
Admiring nature and butterflies.
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02-Puppies-sleeping-Surreal-Ink-Drawings-Shelby-LePage-www-designstack-coPuppies sleeping by S. LePage
Puppies sleeping together.
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Cheetah painting spots.
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A water dragon's bath.
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Rat musician.
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A witch's bath.
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Glitter and The Niffler.
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Memories of Alien travels.
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Owl cat hybrid.
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Little shop of horrors.
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