6 May 2023

Realistic Celebrity Pencil Portraits

Pencil realistic portraits of celebrities past and present.

Krzysztof Łukasiewicz specialises in making people's likenesses. Some playing characters in movies of the past like: Grease, Titanic and Star Wars.

The drawings below mostly include singers and actor with one exception... The Brazilian footballer Pele.

Many of the celebrities are set in time, most of them in the past. That said, there are up to date likenesses like the ones of: Jenna Ortega, Ed Sheeran, Keanu Reeves.

Many of the people depicted are portrayed at the height of their fame. The smooth application of graphite, making their appearance soft. This ties in beautifully with the parts many of them play in movies and TV Series.

For many, these images will work as bookmarks to moving pictures or songs of the past. Plus, the related memories of what was going on at the time. I will now leave you in your mind's capable hands...
Grease - Olivia Newton John and John Travolta.
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Titanic - Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio.
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Star Wars - George Lucas and Yoda.
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Star Wars - Anthony Danielsa and C3PO.
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05-Ed Sheeran-Celebrity-Portraits-Krzysztof-Łukasiewicz-www-designstack-co
Ed Sheeran.
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Addams Family - Wednesday, Jenna Ortega.
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John Wick - Keanu Reeves.
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Pele - Edson Arantes do Nascimento.
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Vikings - Floki, Gustaf Skarsgård.
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Elvis Presley.
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John Lennon.
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Whitney Houston.
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