12 May 2023

Eclectic Mixture of Colourful Pencil Drawings

Colour, at the centre of this artist's magnificent colour pencil drawings.

Sidney is a young artist with a lot of skill and a confident execution. I see this in the cleanliness of her illustrations. It denotes a self-assured confidence in her artistry.

There are so many different aspects of her work which impress me. The complexity of the ""Glitch" drawing. The beauty full of colour of the "Fish" swimming on the black page. The deep colours and detailed features on the face, in the "Masked Apocalypse".

The astonishment remains consistent, whilst you make your way down the page. So many more aspects to explore and discover remain untouched. Without further ado, I will let you get to it now.
Bright Fish.
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Eyes Animals and human.
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Masked Apocalypse.
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Galaxy Girl.
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Galaxy Cats.
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German Shepherd Dog.
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Glitch Portrait.
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Disney Castle.
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Heart Gem.
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Long Cats.
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