12 Jun 2023

Moleskine Ink Architecture Drawings

Rural setting and buildings, captured by fineliner ink pens.

Welatgunes uses trips and photographs of places as a reference for his architecture drawings.

Plenty of beautiful stone structures are shown in pride of place, up and down this page. I have also included one of Welatgunes's tutorials. Therein, the artist breaks the illustration into components to make the drawing of it, more manageable for budding artists.

Varying degrees of detailing accompany the drawings on this page. This gives each picture a slightly different and unique feel.

Traditional rustic houses and commercial structures are awaiting for you to explore them.

Enjoy your Monday and Welatgunes's lovely work.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
Old England.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
Town sidewalk.
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Tram and church in the background.
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The Windmill.
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The Lighthouse.
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Internal stone staircase.
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Tiny house tutorial.
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Farmhouse building.
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Lighthouse and stone arch.
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The house on the hill.
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