28 Jul 2023

Fantasy Drawings and Watercolor Paintings

Creatures plus animals, in fantasy and surreal situations.

Ukrainian Artist Christina Tyzhuk infuses an illustration storytelling style to her images. I can think of all sort of adventures branching off from each image.

Ink and watercolor paints, form the basis of the art below. Each one using their qualities to express the moment depicted, at the best of their capabilities. In some cases, the two join forces in the same picture.

Then there are the layered ones. More than one sheet of paper, to add to the depth to the composition. Examples of which can be seen in the moon drawing and the tiger one.

Rather than go through all the images, I will let you discover them for yourself. I advise you take a slow approach and spend a little time in each imaginary world, to soak up the magic therein...

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
The moon mocking the stars.
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Mermaids octopus and fish.
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The caterpillar sharing a cupcake with the ants.
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Pancakes and the blue caterpillar.
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Surreal wizard frog and mushrooms.
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Firefly group and the nighttime lamp.
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Blue tiger and cubs.
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Black cats surreal dreams.
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Carnivorous plant and insects.
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The snail, frog and mushrooms.
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