12 Aug 2023

Ink Ballpoint Pen Drawings and Backgrounds

Fantastic portraits on different kinds of backgrounds.

Full time artist Mark Powell draws these people with a bic ballpoint pens. He creates them on antique ephemera. By the looks of it: Old envelopes, maps and documents.

These slips of paper give the image, a magnificent vintage feel about them. Beautifully detailed faces full of character and detailing. People whom have lived a long life, with lines which read like the words of their story.

There were no description on the drawings, which explain the reason for that person being on that piece of paper. Something we can all makeup by looking at their expressions and letting our imaginations take over.

There are so many fantastic emotions expressed on this page. I love the lady right at the bottom of the post. That lovely smile is just so infectious...

Ps. I gave the images some titles.

For more of Powell's work here on DesignStack, press this LINK.
01-A mischievous-look-ballpoint-Pen-Drawings-Mark-Powell-www-designstack-co
A mischievous look.
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02-A determined-look-ballpoint-Pen-Drawings-Mark-Powell-www-designstack-co
A determined look.
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Steve Mcqueen.
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Frida Kahlo.
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A kind smile.
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Eyes wide open.
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A half face 1.
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A look at Africa.
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A half face 2.
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New York.
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A smile which promises a lot of fun.
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