31 Aug 2023

Pencil and Charcoal Portrait Drawing

00-Portrait-Drawing-Meghna KG-www-designstack-co
Portraits full of emotions and expressions. A combination of pencil and charcoal.

Indian Artist Meghna KG is the one responsible for these lovely drawings.

Cats and dogs, accompany the humans in this post. We get signs of speaking though looks, from both of them. Even the humans whom have turned away. In these drawings we don't see a face, but their pose and demeanour suggest possible thoughts they might be having.

There is beauty and much to appreciate in all of them... The one which commands my attention though, are the eyes and expression of the dog. Meghna captures both to perfection.

Which one of the drawings sees your gaze kidnapped?
01-The-big-eyed-dog-Portrait-Drawing-Meghna KG-www-designstack-co
The big eyed dog.
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02-A-quick-turn-Portrait-Drawing-Meghna KG-www-designstack-co
A quick turn.
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03-Sitting-in-the-window-Portrait-Drawing-Meghna KG-www-designstack-co
Sitting in the window.
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04-The-kiss-Portrait-Drawing-Meghna KG-www-designstack-co
The kiss.
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05-A-wish-in-a-dream-Portrait-Drawing-Meghna KG-www-designstack-co
A wish in a dream.
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06-Turning-away-Portrait-Drawing-Meghna KG-www-designstack-co
Turning away.
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07-Hope-in-a-pose-Portrait-Drawing-Meghna KG-www-designstack-co
Hope expressed in a pose.
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08-The-cat-and-kitten-Portrait-Drawing-Meghna KG-www-designstack-co
The cat and the kitten.
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09-Living-in-a-moment-Portrait-Drawing-Meghna KG-www-designstack-co
Living in a moment.
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