11 Sept 2023

Ink and Pencil Architecture Drawings

Many iconic architecture building illustrations on this page.

Roozbeh Imani choose these and meany more buildings on his Instagram page, to immortalise and impress internet tourist like us. On one page you can travel thousands of miles, from one place to the next, all around the world.

What a fantastic start the week. Travelling and viewing architectural buildings from wherever you are right now.

All of the drawings created with a mixture of ink and color pencils.

The design of all of the buildings here are exquisite. The houses I really love though, are the ones with water. There are two buildings which fit this description: Fallingwater in Pennsylvania and Graham House in Vancouver. Sorry I am going to add one more. The beautiful mansion house look of the Pahlavi High School.

As I said, there is plenty more to sight see. I will let you get to each one, in your own time.

Enjoy your Monday and Imani's lovely work.
Fallingwater - Pennsylvania.
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City theatre - Tehran.
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Graham House Vancouver, British Columbia.
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Pahlavi High School - Borujerd.
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The house of the Ameris - Kashan.
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Wakil Mosque - Shiraz.
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Bubble Palace - Cannes, France.
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Aghazadeh Historical House.
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Grand Mosque of Isfahan.
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OZU Estudio Mexico.
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