12 Sept 2023

People Relaxing with Cats in Drawings

One minor alteration to the title: People relaxing with cats and a rabbit...

Megha Bhattacharjee is the artist whom created this very peaceful collection of drawings. People enjoying the close bond they have with their animal friends.

As you can see, the expressions on both faces show state of full relaxation, comfort and closeness.

If you have an animal of any kind, you can look at these illustrations and know exactly how it feels to have returned the love you have for them.

Now, to the really enjoyable part... the viewing.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
Sleeping with a hug.
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02-A kitten pillow - Cat Drawings by Megha Bhattacharjee
A kitten pillow.
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The white bunny.
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Sleeping facing each other.
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A close bond.
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A magical animal.
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A sweet smile.
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Tiered and sleepy.
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Magic in the moon.
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Falling asleep.
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