4 Sept 2023

Ink and Pencil Urban Sketches

Rustic drawings and buildings, in architecture illustrations.

Freelance illustrator Maria Nechaeva has this to say on her site: "Whenever I travel, I carry a few pencils, a liner, and a sketchbook with me. This way I can capture beautiful architecture in various cities."

The tan paper she uses, is something which adds warmth to the whole drawing.  Giving it that beautiful vintage look and feel.

There are also examples of one tiny house in Phuket and one in Russia. An aspect of architecture we have not visited for a long time on DesignStack. Check out the link for a variety of examples.

Ink and colour pencils seem to be the mediums which Nechaeva adopts to bring her building to life on the page.

A nice walk about through the little towns and cities of Europe, plus the east. Have a wonderful time sightseeing.

For more of Nechaeva's work here on DesignStack, press this LINK.
Architectural in situ drawing.
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Tiny House in Phuket Old Town.
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Vyborg, Russia.
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Vyborg, Russia 2.
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Vyborg, Russia 3.
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Tiny house Russian town.
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Houses behind the main street.
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St Petersburg.
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Circum-Baikal railway Russia.
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