8 Sept 2023

WIP Realistic Pencil Drawings

Many WIPs showing portraits in mid-life.

Korean Artist Mrs. Kim created the realistic drawings on this page.

The depictions below, show a preview of the full story to come. As I speak, these drawing have already been concluded. This artist publishes each one, in different forms of completion.

People whom have not been following us for a long time, might be questioning this decision. Why not show the completed piece? I really like WIP drawings. Sometimes, I enjoy showing the process in mid flow. Aspects of the face always seem to be the first to be drawn. That is where emotions live, within the expressions they wear. Like a person in a home. These features seem to be highlighted by the absence of the rest of the details.

This intermediate stage, is one which has always fascinated me. I hope you can see some of what I do in them.
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Lifting the hair.
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A direct look.
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A nice smile.
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A portrait coming together.
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Applying lipstick.
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A questioning look.
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Holding a rose.
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Kim You Jung.
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Lit by the sun.
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