7 Sept 2023

Stippling Dot Art Drawings

Stippling, also called dot art. Is the technique utilised in this post.

French Art Director and Graphic Designer Florian Lagadic is the person responsible for all of the artwork on this page.

This technique is reliant on dots. Light and dark, are created by varying the density of the little ink circles. Mostly made using a fineliner. More examples of this style, can be seen on the link above.

Lagadic stretches his talent across many different subjects. There is much to like about them. Some of my favourites are::  I have always loved Gargoyles. Many times they are misrepresented as malicious monsters. In fact, they are protectors of the home. Their main job being keeping evil out. That is why, one of their favourite positions is on either side of the entrance gate.  They are there to guard. Then, the delicate detailing of the Sakura flowers. Dot art lends itself beautifully to bring out the best of these and all the other drawings.

Have a look and see what you think.
The Gargoyle - The protector of the house.
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Sakura flowers.
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Stone balcony.
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Pirate galleon.
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Swimming fish.
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Hannya mask - Japanese mythology.
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A woman in surrealism.
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Roses with skull buds.
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A fairy on a flower.
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Budding flowers.
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