21 Oct 2023

Dot Art Stippling Drawings

Dot art or stippling or pointillism They are three names people use to refer to this type of drawing.

Medved Vitaly (Виталий Медведь) uses little dots of ink, to saturate the page with it. The closer they are, the darker the spot. Conversely, the sparser they are, the lighter it will be.

I really like the single subject drawings: The majestic look of the lion. The surprised look on the dog. The pocket watch and the background. All that said, the ones I love are the scenes like: Singing in the rain and the cat looking at the city after the rain...

I can only imagine how long these drawing must have taken to complete.

Follow the dots around the page and see the outstanding patters they make...    

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
Quiet after the storm.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
Singing and dancing in the rain.
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A lion constellation.
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Steampunk outfit.
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A surprised dog.
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The Little black cat and the old lady.
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The raven and the cemetery.
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The pocket watch.
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Snowstorm in the city.
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The black cat and the spider.
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